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Maria Bortoluzzi & Ivana Marenzi [December, 2014]

Online community for teachers of English

The community platform Young English Language Learners and Teen English Language Learners (YELL/TELL) was developed to respond to the needs of collaboration and sharing among trainee teachers, school teachers, teacher trainers and researchers in the field of language learning for English as second language (L2) and English as foreign language (EFL).

The social community YELL/TELL, supported by the LearnWeb2.0 platform, has the aim to encourage professional collaboration among trainees, teachers of different schools and teacher educators in pre-service and in-service training. Lifelong learning is promoted on the basis of sharing resources, commenting and reflecting on them in the spirit of open educational practices and free resources, offering support, ideas, and competences for teaching English as L2.

apriapri: publication in the journal Universitas n°134 (pdf)

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pubblicazione: Dec. 2014

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