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C.Melon, E.Flaugnacco, E.Bortolotti, I.Lonciari,
F.Zanon, G.Giangiacomo & M.Carrozzi [October, 2009]

Blended education and tutors: new didactic strategy for the mediation of knowledge and practices ininstitutional learning courses

This research investigates the ways in which the learning in blended modality is functional to the widened knowledge development, how it promotes the effective practices sharing, mediated by the self-evaluation process and tested in real working contexts.

The sample is given by a class of 54 teachers and one e-tutor attending a postgraduate course. This work aims at demonstrating, through data support, that during the learning process, teachers make use of the virtual space to create new knowledge, given their own professional experiences and in light of the knowledge acquired

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pubblicazione: Oct. 2009

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