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M.Bortoluzzi, I.Marenzi [July, 2016]

YELL / TELL Young English Language Learners

YELL/TELL is a virtual environment where teachers of English as a second or foreign language can meet,

exchange ideas, resources and information. YELL/TELL is a virtual meeting place for school and university and more specifically, for all those who care for second/foreign language learning of children and teen-agers: school teachers, student teachers, university lecturers and teacher trainers.

YELL/TELL was born from the ideas of lecturers and students (now teachers in schools) of the Course of Education at the University of Udine in collaboration with the Department of Languages, Literatures, Communication, Edication and Society.To access the portal and the open access community, you need to register and enter the LearnWeb platform designed by the L3S Research Center ( Leibniz University, Hannover (Germany).

Explore the groups, join them and share ideas! The platform is very easy to use. Login and try it out.

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